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In the course of normal operation, some components loose their efficiency and this is where a quick, decisive and lasting intervention is necessary.

Mylift, with its parts depo, is able to satisfy any request in the shortest time possible and, in case the component is not available, thanks to its ample and accurately selected supplier network, we will be able to find the component in a very short time or proceed immediately to building it ourselves.

Other than the above, another important point in a repair is the people who perform it, the specialist technicians who constitute Mylift group, regularly updated and in constant professional growth, in order to guarantee a quality and decisive service, in the shortest time possible, 24 hours per day, any day of the year, also thanks to the experience matured in the course of many years under Mylift or other companies; they are today able to operate on any type of elevator being it a Mylift product or not.

Mylift is completely available in case you want to carry out any intervention aimed to solve Your problem or to improve the conditions of Your elevator,  one of our consultants will be at Your disposal to offer you the solution that best satisfies Your expectations and requirements.